• receipt

    Receipt, Handling & Despatch

  • pallet

    Single to 10 pallets pallet

  • snowflake

    Refrigerated and Frozen pallets

  • order

    Pick and pack

  • truck

    Delivery Shipping

Our site offers large vehicle access for easy loading and unloading and is ideally located for those living in lincoln or any of the surrounding villages due to quick access from the A46.

  • Receipt, Handling & Despatch -£6 
  • Single to 10 pallets pallet - £3 per week per pallet
  • 10 to 50 pallets - £2.50 per week per pallet
  • 50 to 100 - £2 per week per pallet
  • 100 to 1000 pallets, please inquire for special rates
  • Refrigerated and Frozen pallet rates add a 100% premium
  • Pick and pack from £1 per box, ask for quotes Dispatch and | Courier
  • Delivery Shipping from £5 per box.

Why Use Boulder Warehouse Space?

Warehouse Space available

A Suitable Space for Those:

  • Wanting to store a large quantity of products
  • Requiring a space with pallet refrigeration and freezing
  • Looking for archiving storage
  • Wanting to store unused items

A perfect solution for those needing an area to store a large quantity of stock or general items for a highly competitive rate with little commitment involved.

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